Aluminium barrier film


The aluminium barrier material provides comprehensive protection to prevent product deterioration due to moisture, oxygen, and light, among other factors.

Waterproof, heat-sealable, and versatile, it is an ideal packaging for high-value items, including those with irregular shapes and large sizes.


The aluminium barrier film is a protective material that acts as an insulator for products sensitive to moisture, oxygen, light, vapour, chemicals, or other external contaminants. It is an effective solution for protecting goods from corrosion, making it widely used in the packaging of industrial and high-value-added metallic products.

Flexible, lightweight, and easy to handle, the aluminium complex adapts perfectly to products of various sizes, including large machinery and irregular shapes.

This material is heat-sealable, and the hermetic sealing of the aluminium barrier film creates a durable, waterproof, and airtight packaging.

It is a reliable solution for various applications, particularly effective for use in export and maritime transport. Its resistance to adverse weather conditions ensures long-term product safety.

The most commonly used format in the industrial sector is covers or bags, with or without lids.

What is aluminium barrier film designed for?

  • Provides a barrier against moisture, preventing product deterioration.
  • Ensures light insulation, ideal for products that may degrade due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Protects against oxidation through hermetic sealing.
  • Offers high mechanical resistance during handling and transport.
  • Malleable and easy to apply.


In its application, it can be combined with desiccant bags to eliminate any residual moisture. It is the preferred primary packaging option for transporting large machinery within wooden crates. For products more susceptible to corrosion, it is also available with VCI treatment.

At Inviker, we offer aluminium barrier film in rolls, pre-cut sheets, or custom-made covers or bags according to customer requirements.

It meets the quality requirements of certifications and standards MIL-PRF-131 J CLASS 1 and DEF STAN 81-75/2 TYPE 1.

Complementary accessories

Sealing is carried out using heat-sealable guns – thermal clamps for sealing aluminium in sizes of 200, 300, or 400 mm. Consult us for the availability of sealing guns.


Need greater structural stability without compromising barrier effect? Discover our aluminium barrier film with woven reinforcement.


Rolls / Formats / Covers or bags

Thickness µm (microns)

Roll width mm
1000 / 1250 / 1500