ShockWatch impact indicators


ShockWatch impact indicators detect and highlight mishandling during transportation and manipulation of fragile, sensitive or regulated products.

They prevent damage to all types of goods during transportation and handling, alerting that the product must be handled with care. Their use can range from mechanical or electronic components, to works of art, furniture, etc.


These devices contain a red liquid in suspension. If the device is subjected to an impact above a certain G force, the liquid is irreversibly stained red.

To ensure optimal results from the use of the ShockWatch label, the sensitivity of the indicator needs to be adapted based on the size and weight of the shipment, the fragility of the product and the packaging.

What are ShockWatch impact indicators designed for?

  • They allow easy detection of whether goods have been subjected to an impact that could damage the products.
  • Application in sectors where it is necessary to keep track of the impact on goods in order to avoid damage to the products.
  • Reduce mishandling during transportation.
  • They help to detect faults and improve processes in the logistics chain.
  • Used for automotive components, delicate appliances, semiconductors, laboratory equipment, data storage devices (hard disks, recording tapes, etc.), glass products, electronic components, etc.


Different models of impact indicator sensitivity are available.