VCI bubble wrap


VCI bubble wrap is a PE (polyethylene) material impregnated with the anti-corrosive VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) that protects the packaged product from corrosive substances during transportation and storage.

This type of film is ideal for the transport of metal goods as it provides double protection – from corrosion and from the impacts and abrasion that may occur during transportation.


The VCI used by Inviker is nitrite-free.

This chemical compound evaporates from the plastic and travels to the most remote areas of the metal inside the packaging, creating a protective molecular layer that prevents contact with any corrosive substances such as moisture or oxygen.

Bubble wrap, also called aeroplast, consists of two thin PE plastic layers, one flat and the other textured with evenly spaced air-filled hemispheres (bubbles).

It is an excellent packaging material because of its flexibility. It can be deformed without tearing. It is transparent, resistant and light. Particularly suitable for cushioning impacts and protecting delicate and fragile items.

What is VCI bubble wrap designed for?

  • High performance protection for all types of surfaces.
  • Provides long lasting cushioning.
  • Protects metals against corrosion during transportation.
  • Provides added protection for storage between manufacturing stages.
  • Particularly suitable for absorbing possible impacts on delicate and fragile items.
  • 100% recyclable.


To satisfy the needs of the customers, Inviker supplies VCI bubble wrap in the measurements, thickness and format requested.


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