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Film de plástico gofrado

Embossed plastic film in the packaging industry

From its ingenious embossing process to its outstanding non-stick function, embossed plastic film offers a unique solution in the world of industrial packaging. With a variety of patterns designed to fulfil different functions, this material has become indispensable across various industries. Explore its unique advantages and properties!

plastico de burbuja para embalaje

Bubble wrap in industrial packaging

From safeguarding fragile items during transportation to providing corrosion protection, standard bubble wrap and its advanced version with VCI treatment offer versatile and sustainable solutions in industrial packaging. Explore how these materials offered by Inviker ensure the integrity of your products.

Guía del packaging
Packaging tips

Packaging guide: functions, types, and strategies

Packaging is a powerful tool to enhance your brand in a competitive market. Beyond protection, we delve into how tailored customization and visual strategy stand out as powerful tools. Dive into our guide on the definition, functions, and classification of packaging to transform your approach and elevate your presence in the market.

aplicaciones papel bituminoso
Packaging tips

Applications and practical insights of bitumen paper

Inviker’s bituminous paper unfolds its diverse applications, playing a crucial role in the automotive industry and leaving a lasting impact on logistics and construction. Embark on this informative journey to uncover how this versatile and robust material has evolved into an indispensable ally across diverse industrial sectors.

tendencias sector embalaje 2024

Packaging trends in 2024

Discover the key trends shaping the future of packaging in 2024. From sustainability with innovative materials like fungi and algae to optimisation through monoproducts and monomaterials, and automation via artificial intelligence. Explore the shift towards more efficient and sustainable practices.

herramienta estratégica
Packaging tips

Strategic packaging in logistics

Explore the strategic significance of industrial packaging with Inviker. Whether safeguarding products during export or optimizing operations with ergonomic packaging, we delve into every vital aspect. Immerse yourself in logistics expertise, acquire cost-cutting insights, and boost efficiency with tailored solutions. Rely on Inviker to elevate your packaging to new heights!