VCI paper tube


The paper with VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) treatment is used in different formats, each of them designed for different applications and environments. The VCI paper in tube format is an excellent packaging option to protect valuable metal pieces against corrosion.

How VCI paper works

The VCI paper is a kraft paper coated with a volatile chemical compound that is activated by moisture. This chemical compound evaporates and travels to the most hidden corners of the packed metal, creating a fine molecular protective layer that prevents contact with any corrosive substance.

This packaging guarantees effective and versatile anticorrosion protection.

Advantages of VCI paper in tube

The tubular packaging is the newest format added to Inviker’s range of anticorrosive VCI paper. It is designed for the protection of elongated, cylindrical or rectangular metal pieces. It is mainly used by manufacturers of components in the machine tool industry.


valores proteccion anticorrosion 1

The VCI requires a closed environment for its best performance. The tube format guarantees greater tightness to the packaging, increasing the effectiveness and prolonging the anticorrosion protection of the packed material.

The VCI used in Inviker’s products is nitrite-free, non-flammable, and safe for the environment and for health in the work area.


valores impermeable

The tubular VCI paper has a protective layer of PE (polyethylene) coating for greater protection. This layer provides impermeability to the material and creates a barrier that prevents the transfer of moisture into the interior of the packaging.

The addition of the PE layer increases the effectiveness of the packaging and prolongs the lifespan of the VCI treatment. The merchandise is protected for longer and with total effectiveness.

In addition, the PE used in the VCI paper in tube is 100% recycled.


valores facil

The VCI paper in tube is made of high-quality paper that does not easily break or tear. The PE layer also provides additional resistance.

It is an easy-to-use packaging that considerably reduces packaging time. It is an excellent option for elongated pieces – its tubular form facilitates the application of the anticorrosive VCI paper. The time dedicated to packaging is minimized, resulting in a reduction of labor costs.


valores reduccion de embalaje secundario

The use of VCI paper in tube minimizes secondary packaging. The size of the tube is adjusted to the diameter of the metal pieces to be packed, resulting in savings and reduction of packaging costs.


valores personalizable

The most common sizes of VCI paper in tube are designed for shafts between 100 and 240 mm in diameter. However, it can be manufactured in different sizes, 100% adjusted to the customer’s needs.

It is a versatile packaging that offers a more efficient option for industrial manufacturers.

Inviker’s VCI paper in tube provides effective protection against corrosion while offering multiple additional advantages. And it is manufactured according to the customer’s requirements.

If you have any questions and need more information, please consult our sales team. We will be happy to advise you.