Bitumen crepe paper


Bitumen crepe paper is a compound material made of two sheets of crepe paper on the outside and an inner layer of bitumen.

It is an effective and economical packaging that protects your metal products from moisture and water. In addition, the cushioning effect created by the crumpling of paper provides protection against impacts during transportation.


Natural crepe paper is a material that is crumpled in an accordion-like manner to achieve greater elasticity and flexibility. In addition, it creates a cushioning effect, offering greater protection for the storage and transportation of the packaged material.

What is bitumen crepe paper designed for?

  • Efficient and economical packaging material that protects your products from moisture.
  • Ideal for wrapping maritime wooden boxes and baling to protect components from humidity (automotive spare parts, industrial machined parts, engines, etc.).
  • It constitutes a barrier against water and humidity, protecting your products when packed for export.
  • Like any paper packaging, it is very easy to use and quick to implement.
  • Bitumen crepe paper is puncture resistant.


Available with smooth or crepe paper.

Also available with mesh reinforcement for additional tear resistance.


Rolls / Sheets

Grammage g/m2

Width mm

Optional mesh reinforcement
Smooth or crepe paper