Plastic-coated crepe paper with PP woven fabric


Plastic-coated crepe paper with PP woven fabric is a reinforced compound made of a layer of crepe paper and a layer of PP woven fabric (polypropylene).

This compound is ideal for preventing condensation during storage and transportation, especially suitable for coating steel parts, as well as for waterproofing the inside of packing boxes.


The combination of materials employed in this compound is very effective, as the PP raffia provides flexibility of use and high resistance to puncturing. The paper layer, on the other hand, confers a greater solidity, absorption capacity, flexibility, elasticity and adaptability.

Natural crepe paper is a material that is crumpled in an accordion-like manner to achieve greater elasticity and flexibility. In addition, it creates a cushioning effect, offering greater protection for the storage and transportation of the packaged material.

What is plastic-coated crepe paper with PP woven fabric designed for?

  • It is a highly resistant packaging compound, especially suitable for the packaging and export of steel coils.
  • It is used for the covering of steel parts.
  • Suitable for use inside packaging boxes for waterproofing.
  • The paper layer provides sufficient absorption capacity to prevent condensation during storage and transportation.
  • Crepe paper provides greater elasticity, flexibility and adaptability.


Available in smooth or crepe paper.

The plastic-coated crepe paper with PP woven fabric can be customised with a printed logo of the customer.


Rolls / Sheets

Optional customisation with printing
Smooth or crepe paper