Wax crepe paper


Waxed crepe paper is a crepe paper impregnated with paraffin. The main protective characteristics of this complex are its impermeability to water and grease protection as well as its anti-corrosion property.

The paraffin impregnation also provides increased puncture resistance. In addition, the curled effect of the packaging provides greater protection to the goods due to its shock absorbing properties.

It is used as packaging for greasy or sharp parts and also as insulation on the bottom of wooden or cardboard boxes.


Natural crepe paper is a material that is crumpled in an accordion-like manner to achieve greater elasticity and flexibility. In addition, it creates a cushioning effect, offering greater protection for the storage and transportation of the packaged material.

What is wax crepe paper designed for?

  • Ideal packaging for oiled or greased spare parts, metal parts, electrical cables etc.
  • Provides insulation on the bottom of wooden or cardboard boxes.
  • It offers increased protection against perforation by sharp edges, points or corners that the products may present.
  • The crepe characteristic provides greater flexibility, elasticity and adaptability.


Available with smooth or crepe paper.


Rolls / Sheets

Grammage g/m2
150 – 180

Width mm
1100 / 1200

Smooth or crepe paper