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VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) anti-corrosion packaging material is designed to solve the many challenges of long-term protection of steel, cast iron, chrome, copper, brass and zinc.

The manufacture of Inviker’s VCI treated papers, plastics and complexes is achieved through the application of the most innovative technologies in the metal industry. They are nitrite-free and tested by accredited laboratories.

The use of our VCI anticorrosive packaging between manufacturing stages, during transport or in storage avoids the application of protective oils and liquids. The product reaches its destination clean and ready for use.
The VCI used in Inviker products leaves no traces, is environmentally friendly and safe for health in the work area. 


VCI Paper


VCI Plastic


VCI PP woven fabric


catalogo categoria C papel

Paper packaging products are designed to offer versatile and efficient solutions for protecting goods across various industries. Manufactured with high-quality materials, Inviker papers ensure adaptability for multiple applications. Each additional layer in the paper compounds imparts specific characteristics to the packaging.

We offer a wide range of paper industrial packaging:

  • laminated paper that combines rigidity and waterproofing;
  • bitumen paper, ideal for creating a durable barrier against water and moisture;
  • paraffin paper that provides waterproofing and grease protection;
  • multi-functional papers and cardboards to meet the most demanding market requirements.

These products not only ensure protection during transportation and storage but also provide solutions to the most complex packaging problems.


Plastic-coated paper


Bitumen paper


Wax paper


Paper and cardboard


catalogo categoria D plastico

Plastic packaging is widely used across different sectors due to its durability, flexibility, and superior protective capability.

At Inviker, we offer a comprehensive range of plastic products designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers in a wide variety of industrial sectors. The catalogue includes plastic in different presentation formats, including PP woven fabric in rolls or custom-made bags, as well as our exclusive Inviflex, specifically designed for optimal protection of heavy and sensitive goods.

Manufactured with high-quality materials and innovative technologies, our plastic products ensure reliable performance tailored to the specific requirements of each customer and application.

Plastic packaging is a sustainable material aligned with the goals of a circular economy. Manufactured from recycled materials to the greatest extent possible, it is also 100% recyclable.




Stretch film


PP woven fabric




aluminio con rafia lamina

Aluminium is renowned for its exceptional barrier properties against moisture, light, and air, making it an ideal choice for packaging sensitive and high-value products. Our aluminium packaging solutions combine these advantages with strength and durability.

Inviker’s aluminium packaging is particularly suited for industrial applications that require maximum protection against corrosion, moisture, and other adverse environmental factors.


Aluminium barrier film


Aluminium with woven fabric

Anti-humidity and handling

antihumedad y manipulacion

We offer a range of products designed to monitor, control and neutralise possible damage caused by humidity and knocks or overturns that products may suffer during transport, whether by land, sea or air.

The control and monitoring tools ensure that goods are handled more carefully and thus help to prevent product deterioration.

The range of anti-humidity products is designed to control and neutralise high humidity levels and protect the cargo against atmospheric agents to preserve
the quality of both the packaging and the products it contains.


Desiccant bags



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