Stretch film


Stretch film has high stretching properties and resistance to tear and rupture. Its elasticity makes it an adaptable material, ideal for wrapping palletised products with straight angles.

Easy to apply and adaptable, it is suitable for manual and automatic use.


MANUAL stretch film

Stretch film in rolls with a width of 25 or 50 cm and 2 to 3 kg in weight for manual application.

This is the standard size used universally for manual pallet wrapping. It offers secure protection of the load during transportation and storage. Easy to use and tear resistant.

Its elasticity makes it suitable for wrapping palletised products with straight angles.

AUTOMATIC stretch film

Our standard automatic film offers outstanding performance. A stretch of 220% implies a higher performance and, therefore, greater cost savings for the customer.

In addition, the use of first quality raw material guarantees the absence of tearing in the application of the film by the automatic stretch wrapper.


The stretch film can be customised with a printed logo of the customer.

Can be supplied with VCI anti-corrosion treatment upon request.

To satisfy the needs of the customers, Inviker supplies the material in the sizes and thickness requested.



Optional customisation with printing
Optional VCI anti-corrosion treatment