VCI PP woven fabric with non-woven fabric


Non-woven fabric assembled with PP woven fabric or raffia with VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) anti-corrosion treatment is a 100% recyclable material. It is ideal for preventing oxidation of heavy products during export. Its firmness allows to extend the lifespan of the packaged materials.

It is a very attractive and innovative support in the market.


The VCI used by Inviker is nitrite-free.

This chemical compound evaporates and travels to the most remote areas of the metal inside the packaging, creating a protective molecular layer that prevents contact with any corrosive substances such as moisture or oxygen.

Non-woven fabric (NWF) is a PP (polypropylene) fiber with a porous and soft structure that is very easy to handle. Despite its paper-like appearance, this is a very resistant fabric.

What is VCI PP woven fabric with NWF designed for?

  • It is a highly resistant packaging compound, especially suitable for the packaging and export of steel coils.
  • It is used for the coating of steel parts, as well as on the inside of packaging boxes for waterproof
  • PP woven fabric provides flexibility and high puncture resistance.
  • The non-woven fabric, on the other hand, gives this complex greater strength and sufficient absorption capacity to prevent condensation during storage and transport.
  • Protects metals against corrosion.

The VCI PP raffia with non-woven fabric can be customised with a printed logo of the customer.

It is available in different weights, widths and colours.


Rolls / Sheets

Grammage g/m2
140 – 200

Optional customisation with printing