TiltWatch tilt indicators


TiltWatch tilt indicators detect and signal excessive tilting or tipping of goods.

They represent a reliable and cost-effective solution to prevent damage to all types of goods (from mechanical and electrical components to hazardous substances) during the transportation phase.


The device is automatically activated by adhering the sticker on the back. After being attached to the packaging or goods, the load cannot be tilted without evidence of it. In fact, the indicator turns red if the packaging on which it has been placed is tilted or completely overturned.

On the other hand, it is not activated by normal handling movements or during take-off in the case of air freight. Once activated, it cannot be deactivated or tampered with. It is not influenced by environmental conditions.

What are the TiltWatch tilt indicators designed for?

  • They allow to detect if the goods have been tilted or tipped by changing the indicator to red.
  • Application in sectors where it is necessary to keep track of the movement of goods to avoid damage to products.
  • Reduce mishandling during transportation.
  • They help to detect faults and improve processes in the logistics chain.
  • Used for commercial appliances, large rack computer systems, telecommunications equipment, compressors, industrial batteries, containers for hazardous substances, automotive components, etc.