Testliner paper


Testliner is a brown-toned paper manufactured from high-quality recovered paper fibre. It is a flexible, 100% recycled paper.

Depending on its thickness, it is used for wrapping, packaging, as internal filler, or as raw material in the manufacture of other products.


Testliner is an exceptionally cost-effective paper, an alternative to virgin kraft paper.

It stands out for its versatility for various packaging needs and moderate moisture absorption. With a medium grammage, it varies between 50 – 170 g/m2.

Testliner 50 g/m2

It is used as filler in boxes to protect merchandise during transportation. It is a widely used option in e-commerce as it offers a more economical alternative to first quality kraft paper without compromising the main characteristics of strength and versatility.

Testliner 100 g/m2

In its adhesive option, with a grammage exceeding 100 g/m2, it is the preferred choice among painters due to its excellent value for money.

Testliner 85 – 170 g/m2

Furthermore, testliner paper is often used for dual purposes in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard. This variety of testliner paper is often referred to as Testliner DUO.

In corrugated cardboard production, this paper can be used both for corrugating and applying as fluting between layers, as well as for outer coating or inner facing. This versatility enables cost savings, reduces material variety in stock, and enhances profitability.


What is testliner paper designed for?

  • It is used as void fill in boxes.
  • Surface protection for painters.
  • In the manufacturing of envelopes, bags, and corrugated cardboard.
  • An economical packaging solution.
  • Offers great versatility due to the wide range of widths and grammages.
  • Biodegradable and 100% recyclable.


Inviker supplies testliner paper in rolls of the size or weight requested by the customer or in sheets cut to measure according to specifications provided.

It can be supplied with VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) treatment upon customer request.

It is available with PE (polyethylene) coating to prevent moisture from penetrating the packaging.

Testliner is used in various packaging complexes. Depending on the requirements, it is also offered with options of bitumen, wax, and/or mesh reinforcement to provide greater tear resistance.

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Rolls / Sheets

Grammage g/m2
50 / 85 / 100 / 170

Optional VCI anti-corrosion treatment
Optional PE coating
Optional mesh reinforcement