VCI plastic-coated paper


VCI laminated paper is composed of a kraft paper with VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) anti-corrosion treatment and a PE (polyethylene) laminate layer that ensures long-term protection against corrosion during transportation and storage.

This complex offers a high-level protection against external agents. Its great quality-price ratio makes it a very frequently used packaging nowadays.


The VCI used by Inviker is nitrite-free.

This chemical compound evaporates and travels to the most remote areas of the metal inside the packaging, creating a protective molecular layer that prevents contact with any corrosive substances such as moisture or oxygen.

In addition, the PE coating provides impermeability, extending the life cycle of the packaged metal components and machinery.

What is VCI plastic-coated paper designed for?

  • It offers long-term protection of steel, cast iron, chrome, copper, brass and zinc.
  • Protects metals against corrosion during transportation.
  • Provides increased protection for the storage of metal parts between manufacturing stages.
  • Can be used as a separator or for individual packaging of spare parts.
  • Extends the life cycle of metal components and machinery.
  • Provides impermeability.
  • Protects against moisture.


Available in smooth or crepe paper.

To satisfy the needs of the customers, Inviker supplies VCI laminated paper in the sizes and thickness requested.


Rolls / Sheets

Grammage g/m2
90 / 120

Smooth or crepe paper