Crepe paper


Natural crepe paper is a material that is crumpled in an accordion-like manner to achieve greater elasticity and flexibility. In addition, it creates a cushioning effect, offering greater protection for the storage and transportation of the packaged material.

Due to its properties of flexibility, this paper is designed for packaging irregularly shaped products or spare parts. It is also widely used as a separator between the parts.


What is crepe paper designed for?

  • For packaging irregularly shaped products or spare parts.
  • Increased protection for the storage of metal components between different stages of manufacture.
  • Can be used as a separator or for individual packaging of parts.


Can be supplied with VCI anti-corrosion treatment upon request.

Crepe paper is available with PE (polyethylene) coating to prevent moisture from penetrating into the packaging.

To satisfy the needs of the customers, Inviker supplies crepe paper in weights, elongations and widths requested.

Crepe paper is used in a variety of packaging compounds. Depending on requirements, it is also available with the option of bitumen, waxed and/or with mesh reinforcement for increased tear strength.


Rolls / Sheets

Optional VCI anti-corrosion treatment
Optional PE coating
Optional mesh reinforcement