Humidity indicators


Humidity indicators are cards made of stiff paper or with plastic casing, which are impregnated with a humidity-sensitive chemical. These cards change colour when the relative humidity (RH) is exceeded.

The use of these indicators is a very economical way of quantifying RH levels inside sealed packages.


Moisture indicators show when a certain value is exceeded by a change in colour. They are applied to the packaging to be controlled and are a visual proof of the moisture level. They allow to monitor the RH degree from 5% to 95%, depending on the application and need.

It is recommended to use them in combination with desiccant bags. In these applications they are ideal to easily and immediately detect the need to replace the dehydrating or desiccant material in the packaging and to verify that the quality of the product has not been altered.

What are humidity indicators designed for?

  • They provide a quick and easy assessment of moisture conditions.
  • Application in sectors where it is necessary to control the moisture level of the goods to avoid damage to the products.
  • They help to detect faults and adapt the packaging to the conditions to which the material is exposed during transportation and storage.
  • Easy to install and reliable.
  • Used for export packaging and bulk materials, electronic devices, in the aeronautical, military, pharmaceutical, etc. sectors.


There is a vast range of configurations available, and they have a wide variety of applications.