VCI crepe paper


VCI crepe paper is a crumpled paper, giving it an accordion-like shape, with VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) anti-corrosion treatment. This material ensures long-term protection against corrosion during transportation and storage.

Its flexibility and shock-absorbing properties make it ideal for packaging irregularly shaped spare parts or products. It is also widely used as a separator between the parts.


The VCI used by Inviker is nitrite-free.

This chemical compound evaporates and travels to the most remote areas of the metal inside the packaging, creating a protective molecular layer that prevents contact with any corrosive substances such as moisture or oxygen.

Due to the crinkling of the material, greater elasticity and flexibility is achieved. In addition, the crepe property creates a cushioning effect, thus providing greater protection for the packaged components.

What is VCI crepe paper designed for?

  • Packaging of irregularly shaped spare parts or products.
  • Increased protection for the storage of metal parts between manufacturing stages.
  • Can be used as a separator or for individual packaging of spare parts.


Available with a PE (polyethylene) outer layer to prevent moisture from penetrating into the packaging.

Also available with mesh reinforcement to provide greater resistance to tearing.

To satisfy the needs of the customers, Inviker supplies VCI crepe paper in different weights, elongations and widths requested.


Rolls / Sheets

Optional PE coating
Optional mesh reinforcement