PP woven fabric bags


Raffia bags are made of a highly resistant PP (polypropylene) woven fabric.

They are widely used in industrial packaging, mainly in the steel, metallurgical and automotive industries due to their greater mechanical resistance.

This product is designed and manufactured 100% according to the particular requirements of each customer.


The raffia is a woven material made of PP yarns and laminated with a PE (polyethylene) plastic film to obtain a waterproof compound. The PE layer provides tightness to the packaging.

What are VCI PP woven fabric bags designed for?

  • Due to the high resistance offered by this compound, it is used for packaging materials with sharp points and edges.
  • It is used for packaging goods that remain exposed and require additional protection and strength.
  • Offers impermeability.


They can be supplied sewn or heat-sealed.

The PP woven fabric bags can be customised with a printed logo of the customer.

Can be supplied with VCI anti-corrosion treatment upon request.

To satisfy the needs of the customers, Inviker supplies PP woven fabric bags in different colours, opaque or semi-opaque (transparent).

This material can also be supplied in tubular form, perfect for the packaging of long spare parts.


Bags / In tubular form

Grammage g/m2
65 / 85

Sewn or heat-sealed
Optional customisation with printing
Optional VCI anti-corrosion treatment