Why opt for Inviker: tailored industrial packaging solutions


In the competitive world of industry, every choice you make for your company holds significance. One critical aspect that is often underestimated, however, is industrial packaging. Don’t relegate it to the last minute, as it’s a vital component of your product and supply chain.

Have you contemplated the profound impact that suitable packaging can have on supply chain efficiency, customer contentment, and, ultimately, your business triumph? At Inviker, we grasp this importance and are here to proffer bespoke industrial packaging solutions to propel your company towards success.

Anticorrosion shielding: preserve your products in pristine state

Envision this scenario: you’re a manufacturer of high-precision metal components, dispatching your products worldwide. The predicament lies in the fact that they often reach their destination exhibiting corrosion signs due to moisture exposure during transit.

Inviker presents premier anti-corrosion packaging solutions. Our materials, treated with VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor), shield your metal products from corrosion during storage and transit. This ensures they arrive at your customers’ doorstep in flawless condition, enhancing your reputation and reducing return costs.

Rollos de papel en tubo con el tratamiento anticorrosivo VCI
VCI paper in tube
Láminas de plástico con el tratamiento anticorrosivo VCI en rollo con precorte
VCI plastic pre-cut in a roll
Papel con el tratamiento anticorrosivo VCI de Inviker manipulado en láminas a medida del cliente
Custom-sized VCI paper sheets

Compound materials: customization to suit your distinctive requirements

If you’re a producer of heavy machinery, necessitating packaging that seamlessly fits the irregular shapes and sizes of your product, standard packaging simply won’t suffice.

Inviker delivers intricate and personalized packaging solutions. We collaborate with you to conceive packaging that impeccably fits your products, utilizing compound materials that guarantee peak protection during storage and transit. This mitigates damage risks and minimizes expenses linked to defective shipments.

Rollo a medida de Inviflex de plástico
Plastic Inviflex
Rollos de papel bituminoso mallado
Mesh reinforced bituminous paper
Rafia con una capa de tejido sin tejer
 PP woven fabric with non-woven fabric

Paper: sustainability and security in one

As a company committed to sustainability, you’re on the hunt for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic packaging without compromising product safeguarding.

Inviker’s paper packaging products combine sustainability with performance. Whether you opt for our virgin kraft paper or 100% recycled kraft paper, you’re making an eco-conscious choice without forsaking product protection standards. These papers proffer exceptional strength and durability, guaranteeing safe product arrival while showcasing your environmental commitment.

papel kraft industrial
Kraft paper
Papel rizado industrial
Crepe paper
C3 carton ondulado zoom
Corrugated cardboard

Aluminum covers: safeguarding your industrial components from moisture-induced corrosion

Within industrial settings, moisture silently jeopardizes the quality and longevity of your valuable metal components. Moisture-triggered corrosion and degradation can lead to exorbitant production losses and harm to high-value goods.

Inviker provides the perfect resolution to confront this challenge. Our aluminum covers establish an hermetic barrier that effectively guards your industrial components from moisture and corrosion. Perfect for storage or long-distance transit, these aluminum covers uphold consistent conditions within the packaging, preserving the integrity of your materials and shielding them from the ravages of moisture and corrosion.

More than a supplier: your global packaging associate

Choosing Inviker entails more than mere product procurement; it signifies forging a strategic partnership that propels your company’s triumph. Our core values of quality, professionalism, diligence, and collaboration permeate every facet of our operations.

Quality and Professionalism

Our products and services distinguish themselves through their excellence. Each product we proffer is meticulously crafted to meet the industry’s highest standards, and our adept professionals ensure remarkable outcomes.

Diligence and Advancement

At Inviker, we’re resolutely committed to continuous enhancement. We strive to find innovative solutions and stay at the vanguard of industrial packaging trends. Your success fuels our motivation.


We work closely with you, integrating seamlessly into your team. We apprehend your challenges and aspirations, and are here to offer personalized solutions that propel you towards success.

Clients and markets: a global partner

Inviker collaborates with clients spanning diverse sectors, both domestically and internationally. From industry titans in the automotive realm to enterprises in the steel sector, we’ve proven ourselves as a dependable ally across a wide spectrum of industries. Our wealth of experience and expertise empowers us to adapt to market-specific needs and provide differentiating solutions.

When it comes to industrial packaging, don’t compromise on quality and professionalism. Entrust Inviker to furnish the solutions your enterprise necessitates. Packaging constitutes an integral facet of your product.